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Case Studies

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HPC Onboarding Guide

Building and maintaining HPC architectures is a complex proposal that requires finding that sweet spot between cost optimization and time efficiency.

Learning Path for Azure HPC

Azure HPC is a purpose-built cloud capability for HPC & AI workload, using leading-edge processors and HPC-class InfiniBand interconnect, to deliver the best application performance, scalability, and value.

How to get started?

If you use high performance computing applications for your product design:
  • Do you want to evaluate migration to Azure HPC?
  • Do you want to validate a specific workload on Azure HPC?
If you develop software that requires high performance computation:
  • Do you want a cookbook for your application to feature here?
  • Do you want to promote applications capability on cloud infrastructure and showcase performance?
  • Reach out and get in contact with Azure Compute or email Capgemini to have your application prioritized
  • Provide our partner, Capgemini, with a software license and model to complete the performance evaluation needed
  • Assign a technical resource to assist Capgemini and Azure in optimization efforts